Ser.mac’s selection technology reaches the heart of every Kiwi.

The company specializing in the selection, sorting and grading of fruit and vegetables continues to amaze with its quality assurance technology.

Experience and automation for every variety

In the vast global kiwi production market, Italy is second only to China. Ser.mac, headquartered in Cesena, Italy, with branches located all over the world, has developed a range of dedicated quality assurance selection, grading and sorting lines for different kiwi varieties.

Ser.mac’s cutting-edge selection, grading and sorting lines are the product of over 30 years of experience in the fruit and vegetable sector. What is the secret to their success? Ser.mac’s selection, grading and sorting lines guarantee the highest and most constant quality standards over time.

How important is it to offer high production quality assurance for kiwi varieties?

There’s no denying that after-market characteristics such as the softness of the fruit make a huge difference on the market, but being able to classify batches of kiwi by taste and texture is an advantage that opens up new business scenarios.

The all-seeing eye of HD Artificial Intelligence

Ser.mac’s dedicated kiwi grader is able to grade the fruit while preserving all of its delicacy.

And, as it does so, it continuously learns to be more and more precise in recognizing differences between the different fruit grades. 

What can the HD Artificial Intelligence grader’s eye detect? 

  • Pulp colour
  • Brix degree
  • Dry matter concentration
  • Ripeness
  • Chlorophyll content

How important are these variables? They are fundamental for assuring the quality of kiwis. For example, the dry matter concentration is essential for assessing both soluble and insoluble content. An immense advantage that is no less during the post-harvest handling of the fruit.

Benefits for the producer, right down to the final customer

Choosing any of our selection, sorting and grading lines guarantees superior quality assurance, benefiting both the producer and its customers. 

Ser.mac technology allows you to:

  • Monitor product quality in real time
  • Minimize destructive testing
  • Lower processing costs
  • Maximize selection, sorting and grading efficiency 

All this in addition to guaranteeing that only homogeneous, traceable kiwi batches reach the market.

It is a short step from producer to table.

How have our habits changed? The moment we are going through has made us much more attentive and scrupulous. That’s why it’s not enough anymore to simply offer one kiwi variety over another. 

Those varieties have to reflect customer expectations, and satisfy them from the very first taste. How can we guarantee this? The solution is in the internal quality assurance of the fruit. 

It is an important choice that will allow you to consolidate your market and reach new potential customers. 

Enhancing the internal quality assurance of your kiwi varieties demands technology, innovation and experience. In one word: Ser.mac.

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