Ser.mac selection for blueberries: small fruits, great results.

More quality and fewer defects with the grader equipped with HDiA artificial intelligence.

The pursuit of perfection.

Ser.mac, an Italian company with an international scope, has always invested in its R&D area to create highly innovative selection lines. Today, these automated solutions allow to bring to the market lots of fruit that guarantee a higher and constant quality over time.

Why choose Ser.mac for your blueberries.

Small fruits require meticulous attention. For example, size and delicacy are two parameters to always take into consideration.

The Ser.mac sorting lines are able to protect the integrity of the fruits – such as blueberries or cherries – in every processing phase and to define the defects that interest you with the support of the HDiA artificial intelligence of the grader.

This innovation, designed and patented by Ser.mac, allows to obtain a real superior quality of the entire batch.

What parameters does the sizer analyze? All those related to:

  • Color;
  • Diameter;
  • Internal quality;
  • External quality. 

With a Ser.mac selection line, even the smallest fruit gives great satisfaction.

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