Ser.mac – Internationality grows with the new Hub in Greece

Ser.mac, the Italian company which has been specialising in the manufacturing of sorting machines for the fruit and vegetable industry for over 30 years, continues its process of international growth. The new Ser.mac Hub in Veria, Greece, is indeed the latest addition to our international network which already count on the Spanish one in Valencia and the Brazilian one in Flores de Cunha. These hubs, in addition to being strategic solutions, are actual points of reference for quality results for the other Ser.mac locations in Chile, Peru, Columbia, Iran, Algeria and Albania.

New Ser.mac Hub in Greece: at the top of the Olympus of kiwi. 

Ser.mac in this way has strongly positioned itself in one of the most rapidly rising markets, Greece, which, specifically in regard to kiwi production, is dominating the international scene in an increasingly undeniable manner.

In Hellenic territory, in fact, Ser.mac has established one of its largest facilities dedicated to kiwi for one of the most important brands in the industry, Zeus. A solution which produces 150 tonnes of kiwi per hour, and which makes it possible to carry out both phases of pre-sorting and packaging at the same time.

The Veria location will make it possible to provide immediate response and precise and timely assistance to customer demands, acting as a point of reference for the entire Balkan area. 


Agrovision technology.

An additional international goal for Ser.mac, whose solutions continue to achieve success in the ability of ensuring immediately visible results. 

Thanks to the application of Agrovision artificial intelligence to the automation of the sorting lines, it is, in fact, possible to further grow the efficiency and the quality of the production, while at the same time achieving immediate savings.

The credit goes to the Ser.mac calibration machine learning system able to learn while proceeding with the sorting and therefore always more capable in recognising the defects.

The result is quality that is constant, controllable, reliable over time and achievable from the first lots. 

An appointment in Berlin with Fruit Logistica.

Do not miss out on an opportunity to see Ser.mac’s innovative solutions first-hand: from 5 to 7 April, in fact, one of the most important trade fairs for Europe, Fruit Logistica, will take place.

Ser.mac will participate in the event, held at the Berlin Expo Centre, making its skills, know-how and experience in automation in the fruit and vegetable industry available to the visitors. A not-to-be-missed event both for the experts in this area and for anyone interested in learning more about the innovation in this sector.

Counting on a company with Ser.mac’s standing can really make a difference. Now also in Greece. 

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