The best technologies to best enhance quality: Il Frutteto chooses Ser.mac for the kiwi sorting line.

The consortium from Cesena has entrusted Ser.mac for the creation of a system of the latest generation, dedicated to the sorting of various varieties of kiwi based on internal and external quality parameters. 

The precision of HDiA artificial intelligence and latest generation sorting lines to best protect and enhance the quality of kiwi. Il Frutteto, a consortium from Cesena that brings together over 170 producers from all over Italy, has chosen to trust the experience and know-how of Ser.mac for the realisation of a completely customised system dedicated specifically to the sorting and packaging of kiwi. 

Il Frutteto is, in fact, a Jingold brand partner, which handles the marketing of various varieties of kiwi.


The sorting parameters for kiwi 

From the presence of internal and external defects to the degree of ripeness: the possibility to detect these parameters with extreme precision and guarantee a constant level of quality that is reliable over time is an essential added value in a competitive market like that of kiwi. 

Every variety has different characteristics and values on which to concentrate in the sorting phase. The Ser.mac sorting machine for kiwi can use the algorithms of HDiA artificial intelligence to detect with millimetric precision all defects, both internal and external. 

The advantages? A level of precision and control on the sorting line that is clearly superior to traditional methods, translating into otherwise unreachable qualitative standards.

This technological excellence is reflected in the satisfaction of Patrizio Neri, Vice Chairman of the Il Frutteto Consortium:

The internal and external quality control system by Ser.mac disrupts what was being adapted like a bottleneck in the production and processing of kiwi. In this way, the sorting takes place in a precise, reliable and quick manner and the results are excellent. This investment allows us to optimise these processes and to make the most of the work of our producers throughout Italy”.

Delicacy that is protected from beginning to end

The system created for Il Frutteto is not limited to best streamlining the kiwi sorting machine thanks to artificial intelligence, but it is also designed in a specific manner to protect the wholeness and delicacy in all processing stages. 

This takes place also through an ultra-delicate processing system for the fruit, called “Passo passo”, or “step after step”, consisting in the division of the packing areas into three belts to avoid bumps and damage to the kiwi during the entire process.

 The system designed by Ser.mac allows for reducing the risk that the product is ruined during the process to a minimum. This is essential to maintaining the quality of the kiwi intact, especially for the more delicate varieties to be processed, such as the yellow or red pulp varieties”.

Ser.mac: a quality choice

From the sorting machine with artificial intelligence to the packing areas divided into three belts: every characteristic of the kiwi sorting line designed for Il Frutteto was perfectly tailored to the needs of the customer. An approach that allows Ser.mac to make all the experience acquired in over 30 years in the industry available so the most can be gained from it.

We have chosen Ser.mac because it is a versatile company, able to really understand our needs and with this project it has demonstrated precisely this. Expertise, reliability and passion are values we consider essential and this has meant that the choice of a partner like Ser.mac was perfect for our needs”.


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