For quality and reliability in selecting fennel: Fellini Patrizio Srl counts on Ser.mac.

The fruit and vegetable company, based in Gambettola, in northern Italy, has chosen the precision of a Ser.mac grader to achieve optimal and constant quality standards over time.

Total control over all stages of processing and selection guarantees a final product perfectly in line with the needs of the market. Fellini Patrizio Srl, based in Gambettola, one of the leading vegetable production and transport companies in the area, has chosen Ser.mac to equip its dedicated fennel processing facility.

The owner of the company, Emile Fellini, expressed his satisfaction with the project: “We chose Ser.mac because we had a specific need, namely to work on the fennel selection line. It is one of the most important products for Fellini, so Ser.mac’s willingness to design a machine exactly tailored to our needs was fundamental for us”.

Precision and quality in the selection of fennel

A completely customized solution that guarantees constant quality over time and, therefore, a considerable competitive advantage on the market: “With the Ser.mac grader, we can configure fennel selection procedures with extreme precision, and therefore obtain a high degree of quality and homogeneity in the final product, which is fundamental above all for large-scale distribution”.

Fundamental for the processing of fennel in particular are the steps relating to the cleaning of the product that thoroughly rid it of any residual soil. The system designed and built by Ser.mac then allows you to set fennel quality and product diameter and weight selection parameters with extreme precision.

Quality, but also quantity

However, the grader designed for Fellini Patrizio is certainly not limited to guaranteeing high quality. In fact, “Thanks to the automation of all the procedures,” continues Fellini, “we are able to process very high quantities. This allows us to get the product from harvesting to supermarket counters and consumers’ tables in less than 24 hours”.

The project has highlighted all the competence and flexibility of Ser.mac in designing solutions that meet the customer’s specific needs, offering better results thanks to the contribution of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technologies, which are unique and distinctive signs of Ser.mac supplies.

Ser.mac, Your Fruit Deserves Our Technology

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