Enter the smart farming era.

Give added value to your fruit and vegetable production thanks to use of technological and high performing tools.
A choice that opens the doors to agriculture 4.0 with a focus on efficiency and cost savings.
An investment also supported by various incentives that are worth grasping.

agricoltura 4.0

HDiA technology in agriculture 4.0

Innovation distinguishes our work philosophy. This is proven by technology embracing Ser.mac machinery and plants. We take advantage of automation and tools that allow the most efficient production processes to be obtained and high quality achieved.
However, our technology does not stop there. You can also count on HDiA artificial technology.

Agriculture 4.0 tax credit

Tax credits are tax benefits that the taxpayer claims from the state. All Ser.mac systems are equipped with the requirements of Industry 4.0.

In addition, there is an additional credit for companies investing in the Mezzogiorno.

What can artificial intelligence give you?

Some sorting machines are equipped with artificial intelligence. Thanks to a dynamic algorithm, they can enter the core of certain fruit and select its defects which are identified through programming. And that’s not all, they store the experience and offer you ever-increasing quality over time.

Discover Ser.mac technology

Defects grading

The sorting machines equipped with artificial intelligence manage to grade defects linked to weight, colour and size.

Machine Learning

The dynamic algorithm allows the sorting machine to improve its work over time. The more it sorts, the more perfection is achieved.

It adapts to your market

Artificial intelligence allows you to select the parameters of the fruit and enhance the quality of your business.

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